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This forum is an online platform to promote educations in Mathematics and Science, and to facilitate International Culture Exchanges. To serve these purposes, SSIEF will provide interesting resources and exciting opportunities to global learners, educators, and clients. These resources and opportunities could be categorized into two types: Online Service & Offline Service.

Free Online Services:

Free Online Courses of Mathematics & Science

Free Online Courses of Chinese Language & Culture

Pay Online Services:

Advanced Online Courses of Mathematics and Science

Online Tutorial Service for Math, Science, & Chinese

Live English I Love

Offline Services:

On-site Tutorial Service

California Sunshine Camps

Summer/Winter Language & Culture Camps

Summer/Winter Academic Camps

Professional/Academic English Adult Camps

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If you are a parent who hopes your child can enjoy the beautiful California summer or winter in our camps, if you are an individual client who is interested in learning authentic American English and Culture on the real American land, if you are a college student who plans to develop your future career in English-speaking world, or if you are a business expert who wants to improve your English Skills and understanding of American Business Culture, please contact us now immediately!

If you are a team leader who wants to improve your team’s competitiveness in English-speaking world, if you are a decision maker who wants to promote your institution’s exposure to the information resources in English, or if you are a business representative whose organization is interested in collaborations with us, please contact us now immediately!

We will present you interesting resources and exciting opportunities you can hardly find somewhere else. We will also continue sharing with you our unique ideas about knowledge and growing understandings of the real world on the social media platforms such as Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter. We will also invite you, our friends, clients, and students, to join the open discussions about your great ideas about knowledge, unique learning experiences in knowledge, and deep understandings of this world together with us. Please often come back and check our Website, Blog, Facebook, and YouTube channels!

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