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California Sunshine Camps

Another important offline service from SSIEF is our California Sunshine Camps. Our camps right now are located in the beautiful southern California cities of San Diego and Irvine. These camps provide three different types of programs:

Summer/Winter Language & Culture Camps

These camps are designed for international young students, whose ages are between 10 and 18 (less than 18), to spend their summer/winter breaks on living in the real English world and culture.

In these camps, students will live in strictly selected, well educated, and super hospitable hosting families. They will have a great variety of fun and intensive cultural and linguistic activities indoors or outdoors. They will also have plenty of academic time to learn new knowledge in English every day. They will explore the beautiful southern California’s parks, beaches, college campuses, cultural centers, museums, and city streets. They will join the real warm and friendly American people in their real social activities and community services to make new friends. They will use English, listening to, speaking, reading, and writing English, 7-24. Actually they will live in English in these camps, and love English ever after.

These camps will go from 2 to 8 weeks, up to the choices our clients make. The San Diego Summer Camp provides our clients two choices: 2 or 3 weeks. The Irvine Summer Camp could go from 4 to 8 weeks depending on clients’ choices. All the winter camps will not go beyond 4 weeks. All our students will take a diagnostic test of English at the very beginning of their camps, so as to participate in the appropriate classes and activities according to their English levels at the moment. All our educators and organizers are highly qualified and experienced experts, having worked with young students, especially ESL students, for years. We make sure that our students will get the best care and education in our camps.

Summer/Winter Academic Camps

These camps are designed for high school students (both international and US students) who are interested in US higher education, or have finished some of our online courses for Math and Science. These camps are all located in Irvine, California right now. They could go from 4 to 8 weeks. We provide different camps focused on different subjects or themes. Specifically, we will provide:

  • SAT General Test Camps
  • SAT Subject Test Camps (Math or Physics)
  • AP Camps (Calculus, Physics, Computer Science)
  • AMC Camps
  • USAPhO Camps
  • Game Development Camps
  • US College Application Camps

Closely connected to our correspondent online courses, these camps are great opportunities for our students, who share the similar exploratory interest and learning experiences, to exchange their independent ideas and collaborate on their common challenges. Our students will use the knowledge they have learned from their own school courses or our online courses to answer new challenges independently, mutually, and collaboratively. Their states of knowledge and preparations for college will leap forward further than ever.

These camps are also great opportunities for our students to make new friends who come from different schools, communities, or even countries but share similar passions in knowledge and careers. We will provide top class hosting family service to students from other cities, states, or even countries.

Professional/Academic English Adult Camps

These camps are designed for adults (age >= 18) who need help or training in American Business English, Business Culture, Business Laws, or Standard English Tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and LSAT. These camps all have year-round schedules, one complete session running for 8 weeks. All these camps are located in the beautiful downtown of San Diego, California.

Although today there are many local classes of this type in many countries and regions around the world, our adult camps will provide the clients a unique “total-immersion” learning environment in English. In these camps, our clients can learn the most authentic American English and Business Culture from the highly qualified and experienced American educators. They can also make new friends from all over the world in the camps in English. They will live in English 7-24. Such a total-immersion English environment is hard to duplicate in other places out of US, and is especially helpful for clients who need work with native English speakers.

Our camps will provide the clients flexible schedules and housing options. Our clients do not have to finish all the 8 weeks of classes. They can choose to take classes for any number of weeks from 4 up to 8. They can choose to rent the dorms or live in the hosting families we provide, or they can solve the housing problem totally by themselves. There will also be many social events after class for our clients to make friends and have fun.

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