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Free Online Courses of Mathematics & Science

The Mathematics courses will cover:

  • Algebra (Middle & High School)
  • Geometry (Middle & High School)
  • Calculus (High School & College)
  • AMC (American Mathematics Competitions)

The Science courses will cover:

  • Physical Science (Middle & High School)
  • Physics (High School)
  • General Physics (College)
  • USAPhO (United States National Physics Olympiad)

These courses are created based on our rich experiences in the secondary education in US, especially in California public schools. Thus their contents highly accord with California public school curriculum of Mathematics and Science.

However, these courses also include numerous successful innovations tested in and distilled from many of our original practices and experiences in classrooms in both US and China. Therefore, through these courses, US students could find a great number of fresh ideas and interesting discussions they might not see so often in their own classrooms, and meanwhile students from other countries, including China, could also fully enjoy the novelty of US education.

The Physics courses might look even more “foreign” to many students in US public schools. We do this on purpose because we believe the Science curriculum in US public schools, especially the Physics curriculum, has some serious flaws, among which the major one is the weak connections between Science, especially Physics, and other disciplines, such as Mathematics, Philosophy, Logics, and Engineering. We wish through our efforts in these courses, students could find more diversified ideas and methods to help them understand and apply Science in the real world better. Again, we believe our “unique” narrations of Science, especially Physics, could deliver fun and inspiration to any student anywhere on this planet.

We wish these courses could become free but quality resources for young learners who are eager to explore this world and understand it better, who are so interested in the secrets of this universe but struggling to discover any without others’ help, and who are working so hard to build up a better tomorrow for themselves and their families.

We also wish these courses could become free but helpful resources for adults who just need or love the knowledge presented here for whatever reason.

We even wish these courses could become free but useful references for other educators who work online or offline.

We wish all our friends, youngsters or adults, learners or educators, who enjoy our courses, could share with us your great ideas and opinions through these courses and their discussion pages on social medium platforms.

Free Online Courses of Chinese Language & Culture

As bilingual educators, we have the natural passion to share with friends from all over the world the beauty and fun of Chinese language and culture. Besides, we wish our efforts here could also provide practical help to people in the business world who need deal with Chinese language and culture on daily basis. Thus, these courses could be used for both personal entertainment and serious learning purposes.

We wish through our courses here, more people around the world could understand China and Chinese culture better, and help China to become an even better part of the global community.

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