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SSIEF  Offline Services

On-site Tutorial Service

As an additional service to our online tutorial program, SSIEF provides On-site One-to-One tutorial service to clients who are living in Orange County, California. The contents of this service are identical to the online tutorial service. The hourly rate of this service is a little higher than the online service. But this service will be delivered to the physical locations chosen by our clients, such as clients’ homes, public libraries, coffee shops, or public parks. This is a traditional tutorial service we have been so experienced in. However, right now limited to our business scale, we can only deliver this offline service within the Orange County area, California.

California Sunshine Camps

Another important offline service from SSIEF is our California Sunshine Camps. Our camps right now are located in the beautiful southern California cities of San Diego and Irvine. These camps provide three different types of programs:

Summer/Winter Language & Culture Camps

Summer/Winter Academic Camps

Professional/Academic English Adult Camps

If you are interested in more details, please go to California Sunshine Camps

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