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Consulting Services

SSICI provides Consulting Services in many strategically important areas in the fast growing Knowledge Economy today. These areas include, but not limited to,

  • Education & Training Industry of Science and Technology;
  • Research, Development, & Marketing in Information, Environment, & Energy Industry;
  • Research, Development, and Marketing in Educational Software, Games, & Hardware.
  • Education & Training Industry

SSICI provides a great variety of Consulting Services to the Education & Training Industry of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science, including, but not limited to,


  • Lesson Plan & Design;
  • Curriculum Design & Development;
  • Curriculum Analysis & Consolidation;
  • Teaching Materials Analysis & Consolidation;
  • Design & Development of Online Courses, Lessons, & Learning Environment;
  • Educational Policy Research & Institutional Design.


SSICI also provides Online or On-site Training Seminars for the above academic areas and consulting services to Individual Clients, Educational Institutes, Corporations, Parents, and Professionals in related industries, depending on the specific clients’ requirements, locations, and situations.

All the services mentioned above cover academic levels from Secondary to Higher Education and certain Industrial Professions.

  • RDM in Information, Environment, & Energy Industry

SSICI provides Research, Development, & Marketing services to IT Industry, Environmental Protection Industry, and Renewal Energy Industry, including, but not limited to,


  • Algorithm Design & Simulation for Web-based Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, & Data Analysis;
  • Artificial Intelligence Analysis, Modeling, & Simulation;
  • Mathematical Analysis, Modeling, & Simulation;
  • Physics Analysis, Modeling, & Simulation;
  • Econometrics Analysis, Modeling, & Simulation;
  • Software Design & Development with UML, C++, & Java;
  • Patent Analysis & Design in Related Categories;
  • Literature Research in Science & Technology;
  • Marketing for IT, Environmental, & Energy Technology & Hardware.



SSICI has a special strength in marketing in China due to its founders’ backgrounds. For the same reason, SSICI has a special passion in promoting the Green Technology in China. SSICI believes the next decade in China has to be and will be a “Green Decade”.


Not only in China, but SSICI believes a global “Green Revolution” is coming now. In this “Green Revolution”, the productivity and efficiency of human society will be raised up to an entirely new level, thanks to the explosive development of Artificial Intelligence, Computational Technology, Quantum Physics & Chemistry, and Quantitative Economics. SSICI has the best minds and expertise in these areas to help any client who is interested in becoming part of this Green Revolution.




Intellectual Property has become the most important asset in the Knowledge Economy. But the legal issues related to Intellectual Property, especially Patents, are so complicated today, because these issues often involve both the very professional expertise in certain areas of Science & Technology and the frustrating Legal Complexity. SSICI can provide to any IP Law professional, individual inventor, or business organization, a strong support in Patent Research, Analysis, and Design in many areas related to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science. Currently, SSICI doesn’t provide any direct or complete legal advice or service as a licensed lawyer.




In the Knowledge Economy today, scientific and technological publications and documents have become the major “natural resources” to fuel the explosive growth of Knowledge, Innovation, and Productivity. But because the growth of these publications and documents is also explosive and wild, to plough and mine through these “natural resources” of knowledge to find the true shining gold has become more and more difficult.


The Literature Research in Science & Technology service from SSICI is a “mining service” through these wildnatural resources” of knowledge, designed to help researchers, educators, engineers, decision makers, inventors, and institutional leaders improve their efficiency and productivity. SSICI delivers this Literature Research service with flexible customer-centered methods and fair pricing mechanisms.

  • RDM in Educational Software, Games, & Hardware

SSICI believes that Information Technology is far from realizing its full potentials in education today. Thus we are committed to creating new more effective and beautiful IT software applications for educators and learners, including, but not limited to,


  • Web-based A.I. System for Knowledge Share and Creation;
  • Diagnostic A.I. System for Testing & Homework;
  • Computer or Mobile Games as Learning Environment;
  • Software Applications & Games on Smart Board System.


SSICI is especially enthusiastic about the concept of Gamification of Learning. SSICI is working hard to develop its own games for SAT Vocabulary, Math, & Physics at present. SSICI will develop more games for Chemistry & Biology in the short future too. SSICI also believes many games already in the market today are fantastic media or platform to deliver knowledge and facilitate learning. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new partnership and opportunity in both Game Industry and Educational Community to push forward this great experiment of Gamification of Education.




Another “Green Movement” quietly marching on in the global Educational Community, is the fast growth of “Smart Classrooms”, which are equipped with Smart Board System. Viewing this “Green Movement” as a part of the global “Green Revolution”, SSICI has a great interest in promoting and marketing Smart Board System & Its Software Applications in China. SSICI looks forward to working with any client or partner to design, develop, & market Applications & Games for Smart Board System in English or Chinese versions.

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