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Educational Services

Besides the Consulting Services listed above, SSICI provides direct top class Educational Services such as tutoring, teaching, and other featured educational services.

  • Teaching & Tutoring

The two founders of SSICI have two decades of excellent teaching and tutoring experiences together, in Mathematics & Natural Sciences from high school to college levels in both China and US. One of the founders ever won an award for “Excellent Teaching” from the Biological Science Department of USC. The other founder ever taught and tutored the core courses of Theoretical Physics to the best students in USTC, one of the best Chinese universities in Science & Technology, and a variety of other college level courses in Mathematics, Physics, & Computer Science to students in both USTC and University of Houston. He also taught and tutored a variety of subjects in Mathematics & Physical Sciences in several public middle and high schools and private educational companies in Southern California. Thus, SSICI has a strong supportive network in educational community.


Currently, SSICI provides top class tutoring or teaching services directly to individual and institutional clients in the following contents and subjects:


  • High School Mathematics, Physics, & Biology;
  • AP Calculus, Physics, Statistics, Computer Science, & Biology;
  • College Mathematics, Physics, CS (C++ & Java), & Biology;
  • GRE Subject Mathematics, Physics, & Computer Science;
  • MCAT Physics & Biology;


SSICI provides the educational services listed above on-site or online, depending on locations, requirements, and schedules of clients. These services could be delivered to clients in settings of one-to-one tutoring, group tutoring, or classroom teaching. SSICI provides these services to any group of learners, including individual adults and corporation employees.

  • W-H-W Principle

SSICI firmly believes in the “WHWPrinciple of Education, which emphasizes the delicate balance and strong binding among “What”, “How”, and “Why” in learners’ knowledge structure. Through repeatedly helping learners to practice on asking and answering “What”, “How”, and “Why” correctly and effectively, SSICI helps learners build up their strong self-confidence, correct skill sets, and good working habits to explore the “Universe of Knowledgeindependently and happily in their whole life.


Some people may think “What” and “How” are not so important today anymore, for Google and Wikipedia are at our finger tips. Only “Why” matters in learning. But when learners need to effectively process a complex set of knowledge to develop a powerful or useful insight or foresight in their exploration, without a strong foundation in “What” and “How”, “Why” is just the mirage in the air. In these challenges, machines and internet cannot help us much. Unfortunately, these challenges are often the critically important defining moments in our life.


Some people may think before fully building up the strong foundation in “What” and “How”, learners should not touch “Why”. For example, students cannot really understand Why the Kinetic and Potential Energy in Physics are defined in their current mathematical forms before knowing What” and “How” of Calculus. However, we can still teach students “What” and “How” of these two types of mechanical energy without any Calculus involved.


But we believe:


Only Whycan bring students the real joy of learning and true love of knowledge.


We believe this is How our brains are designed and wired, and Why educators have the responsibility to bring “Why” to students as closely and early as possible, to help release their free minds as early as possible.


We believe to help students reach the ultimate and beautiful destination of Why, we must help them build up a strong foundation in What and How. This is Why SSICI always emphasizes both the delicate balance and strong binding among “WHW” in education. SSICI applies this “WHWPrinciple everywhere in her educational services and products.

  • International Educational Tourism Service

One more featured Educational Service from SSICI is the “International Educational Tourism Service”. The booming economy in China has enabled more and more Chinese families to enjoy luxurious foreign tours around the world. But simply sightseeing can hardly satisfy Chinese tourists anymore. They are shifting more attentions to the cultureof the nations they visit. Especially in the developed English-speaking nations, their education systems are attracting more and more attentions from Chinese families and parents. Thus, in recent years, every winter and summer will see more Chinese young students come to English-speaking developed nations, particularly USA, to enjoy the so-called “Educational Tour”.

An “Educational Tour” has the basic elements of sightseeing as the traditional tours. But it emphasizes the new educational elements, such as visiting schools, especially universities. Such tours are usually designed for Chinese young students who are interested in studying abroad in the future. As “studying abroad” has become so popular in China, so does the “Educational Tour”. Actually in China today, “Educational Tourism” could be viewed as a rising new industry whose growth is fast and strong.

To help more Chinese youngsters know the world better and to help the world know China and Chinese better, SSICI devotes a great amount of her educational resources and connections to promote this new “Educational Tourism Industry” in China. The major focus of SSICI in “Educational Tourism” is to improve the quality and diversity of “Educational Elements” in these “Educational Tours”. The featured services from SSICI include, but not limited to the following:


  • US High School & College Campus Visiting;
  • US Educational Environment Real-time Immersion;
  • US College Application & Career Development Seminar;
  • US Academic Boot-Camp for SAT, AP, Math, & Science;
  • US Hosting Family Service.

SSICI always looks forward to working with new partners in this “Educational Tourism Industry”, no matter whether they are tourism companies or educational institutes in both China and US. Together with her partners, SSICI will deliever to her customers better experiences and higher quality of services. SSICI also hopes to expand “Educational Tourism Service” to more regions and nations beyond US and China. Therefore, if you are neither from US nor China, but still interested in this global business of “Educational Tourism”, you are always welcomed to contact SSICI any time.

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