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SSICI has independently developed its first Education Game, “Break Through Vocabulary”, with C++ & DirectX. The following YouTube video is a demonstration of the game’s appearance. The sound effects were not recorded.



This game borrows the basic gaming idea and framework from a famous old 2-D game “Break Through”, binding the game mechanism with the educational psychology of memory enhancement. This game can be applied to any set of English words, including SAT or GRE. This demonstration version is far from being perfect in terms of visual effects. SSICI still continues working on this project to re-write the program with Java, so as to change it into a 3-D game and to make it available both online and on mobile devices. SSICI is looking for investment and partnership to accelerate the progress of this project and create much more varieties of this game.

SSICI will continue developing more educational games for other subjects and contents, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Our next goal is to build up a "Virtual Lab" in which students can freely and happily explore and play with Science and Math.

Contrast to many educators, we strongly believe that modern multimedia games could provide students the best learning environment. We also believe creating effective and successful educational games do not need any mysterious rocket science or relativity theory. Any successful entertaining game could be easily transformed into an effective vehicle of learning, if the educational elements are correctly designed and smartly embedded into it. We have already developed some templates and designs for such transformations based on educational psychology. We will continue working to develop a lot more. We are constantly looking for any investment and partnership interested in these ideals and projects.

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