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Supply Chain Optimization” plays a central role in the drama of globalization that fundamentally changes the global business ecosystem, and China has become the central stage for this drama in the past decade.  Because of her strong social connections and business supports in China, SSICI could provide global business clients valuable SCO services. Especially in the Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys Industry, SSICI has some special strength in SCO services.

SSICI has a strong partnership with the Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys manufacturing base in the beautiful rural and urban areas surrounding YangZhou and Nanjing in JiangSu Province of China. Contrary to the general stereotype of Chinese “sweat shop” and “polluting” manufacturers, the private enterprises here are pretty green and efficient.

Most employees here are the local farmers who have been working in this industry for more than a decade and are very skillful. They work for the enterprises here as independent contractors because they are also working on their own farming lands. Thus, they don’t solely rely on the income from these factories so much and they don’t demand a very high salary. Although their overall salaries are probably lower than those migrant workers in GuangDong and Shanghai, their economic situations are way better. Their financial conditions are sound and stable. Most of them enjoy Chinese middle-class living standards.

Since all the employers and employees are local people, the culture of these enterprises is very democratic and their internal synergy is strong. Because of all these cultural and economic factors, these private enterprises here are highly efficient, flexible, and stable. These factories and enterprises are also very environment-friendly because they don’t want to pollute their own homelands.

SSICI calls this beautiful “Small-Farm-Agriculture-based & Labor-Intensive Manufacturing Model” as the “Chinese Green Manufacture”. Supported by this “Chinese Green Manufacture” base, SSICI could provide global business clients in Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys Industry the best supply chain with the highest efficiency and quality. Most of these Chinese Green Manufacturing private enterprises have been competing in the International markets, especially in Europe and US, for more than two decades. They have developed a strong hold in the global market and will stay in for a long time. We believe this partnership could provide both manufacturers and consumers an even better tomorrow.

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