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What is Solution Stone ?

Do you feel the impact of Knowledge Economy upon your life or business? Do you see the anxiety, fear, or excitement for an Uncertain Future in every corner around you? Do you worry about your children’s Educations or Competitive Advantages tomorrow? Do you worry about your community’s, your city’s, or your nation’s future? Do you worry about your company’s or your own career’s future? Do you worry about this planet’s future? Do you worry about global Pollution, Deforestation, Climate Change, or Overpopulation?

Do you believe the “Explosion of Human Population” is colliding with the “Explosion of Human Knowledge & Technology”, creating a worst scenario for low-skill and low-knowledge job market? Do you believe technology and machines are taking away more and more old labor-intensive jobs from human beings, but creating a lot of new knowledge-intensive jobs simultaneously? Do you hear a lot more talking about Education and Innovation recently? Do you hear the buzz words like “Smart Government”, “Smart Planet”, “Smart Business”, “Smart Market”, “Smart Society”, “Smart, Smart, Smart…”  much more often every day? Do you believe Computer Networks have connected all our individual brains into a giant living thing we might call “Collective Brain” or “Collective Intelligence”? Do you believe this “Collective Brain” is still a very young and immature baby so that it cannot grow healthily without our best care?

Are you concerned or excited about all these uncertain prospects, issues, challenges, or opportunities? Do you want to do something about them? Do you want your personal life, your own career, or your business to make some meaningful contributions to answering them? Do you want to navigate through this New Tide of Uncertainty in human history with a better guiding system? Do you want to find the best business opportunities both for you and the society you are living in through this coming Storm of Knowledge Economy?

Do you want to understand how all these issues, problems, and challenges are intervened with each other? Do you want to understand the nature of Pollution and Natural Resource Crisis? Do you want to understand the nature of Energy Crisis? Do you believe these two crises in nature are the one “Crisis of Entropy”? Do you want to find the huge market and business opportunities behind this Crisis of Entropy? Do you want to solve this crisis with your best talents or resources? Do you want to know why Education and Innovation will become the ultimate “Driving Twin-Engines” of the Knowledge-based Economy that will probably dominate this planet in 21st century?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, Congratualtions! You are riding over the roaring torrents and angry waves of 21st century knowledge-based economy! If in your wonderful adventure you need resources and tools somewhere and somewhen to ensure the safety and success of you and your team, you have found a right place here, because Solution Stone International Consulting Inc. (SSICI) is created to help people like you! 

Solution Stone International Consulting Inc. delivers to her clients and partners 3-Ins”:

Information     >+<     Intelligence     >+<     Innovation

These 3-Ins” include services and products as following: 

  • Valuable market information
  • Better supply chain for your business; 
  • Business partnership in Eastern Asia market;
  • Consulting, Training, or Educational services in Natural Sciences or IT
  • Patent Research & Analysis services;
  • Designs of Business Intelligence Data Analysis Solution; 
  • Educational Software & Games
  • Online Courses in Mathematics & Physical Science;
  • Software Design & Development with UML, C++, & Java;
  • Innovative Ideas and Business Plans for your investment.

Please feel free to contact us anywhere and anytime, if you are interested in any of our products or services. Browse our website for more details, and you will find more pleasant surprises. You can also join us at SSICI Blog to have more interesting discussions about Knowledge, Education, Innovation, and their tremendous impacts on Global Economy.

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